Philosophy of the one-off piece

Bespoke pieces, sometimes made to order, Nuun's creations are always full of energy.

For Nuun, these unique pieces are like personal expressions of an emotion, a flash of inspiration, a snapshot of a moment in the life of the designer. For this reason, these one-off pieces allow her a certain freedom; the ability to tell a story according to one’s desires, far removed from the imposed order of a well-established jewellery collection. This dynamic, fleeting nature is reflected in the character of these pieces and gives Nuun the creative independence to explore different artistic dimensions. And with this exploration, a singular creativity explodes. 

Incarnations of Nourah Al Faisal's self, these "pieces of expression" are also a reflection of a Saudi modernity, and positively demonstrate new Arabic creation. With ideas from the East, as well as from the West, the designs change each time, as do the manufacturing processes that make them possible. These pieces are always a real challenge for the Parisian fine jewellery workshops. Each workshop has been chosen by Nuun for their skill, but these pieces of fine jewellery still offer a challenge to French techniques and know-how, which are among the best in the world. Constantly adapting, finding the right process, the exact technique that will allow the ‘aura’ of the piece to express itself. This is an ongoing dialogue, more than just a method, that happens between Nuun and the craftsmen of the Place Vendôme for each and every piece of jewellery. The term fine jewellery regains its meaning in its true sense. Once complete, the pieces imagined by Nuun take flight. Each individual client takes ownership and carries the jewellery on their life journey, giving it a new history and a new identity.


It all began with a sketch, the outline of a drawing and the desire to explore. It was while redesigning a pair of her mother’s earrings that Nourah Al Faisal, Nuun's founding designer of the brand, realized that she might well have "the feel for stone". The same intuition that enables one to read the ‘energy’ of a gemstone, as well as understand the harmonies of shape and colour. Studying interior design at the time, Nourah Al Faisal began training as an apprentice with Parisian craftsmen who are some of the best in the world. Born in Saudi Arabia, Nourah Al Faisal was already familiar with the world of fine jewellery. When she became an apprentice, she would walk through the Place Vendome every day at lunchtime, observing the window displays, the jewellery and their layout, refining her personal vision and her tastes. She then made her debut by designing pieces to order for her family and friends. Her circle of clients soon widened, until she opened her first boutique on rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and created the brand Nuun in 2014. Being a palindrome, Nuun is the mirror to "Nu", which is Nourah Al Faisal’s nickname. It is also the written pronunciation of the letter "N" in Arabic, and thus embodies the heart of Saudi Arabia where Nourah Al Faisal lives and works. It is at home, in Riyadh, that the colours, the pinks and the golds of the setting sun, the rich scents, such as omnipresent cardamom, and the geometric patterns such as those used in traditional architecture still pervade today. Singular experiences and emotions that blend with Nourah Al Faisal’s cosmopolitan life and inspirations and are expressed through Nuun and her designs.