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The Designer

Growing up between Riyadh, Paris, London, Nourah AlFaisal was constantly surrounded by art, as well as visually rich and multicultural environments. After graduating from King Saud University with a degree in English Literature, Nourah received an invitation to take an apprenticeship in one of the top jewelry workshops in France and began bringing together both her heritage and savoir-faire to her unique designs. Nourah continued to work on private commissions for 15 years honing and perfecting her craft until she opened her own boutique in 2014. The Nuun brand located at 71 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris was launched and has since attracted a devoted clientele and industry accolades from around the world, many of which acknowledge the designer's unique abilities. Each collection is inspired from life itself in the most imaginative ways, each piece has a story. A new platform will soon be launched in the entrepreneur's hometown of Riyadh in early 2017 called Sougha. Sougha was crafted to bring creatives together, and to support the burgeoning local design industry of Saudi Arabia.

The Boutique

NUUN jewels was launched in 2014 by designer Nourah Al Faisal, the Atelier offers unique pieces of high jewellery as well as original collections. In 2016 the NUUN Boutique opened its doors on 71 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore where you can see all of the Nourah Al Faisal’s creations.

NUUN is the pronunciation of the letter N in Arabic. It is also the first letter of Nourah. NU being the name those closest to her call her by.

Inspiration & creation

Nuun jewellery is the product of pairing Nourah Al Faisal's design vision with the unrivalled skills of the Place Vendôme illustrious ateliers. Each remarkable Nuun design bears witness to a love affair with jewellery, in which the highest quality gems and precious metals are infused with grace. These extraordinary designs illustrate the artistic and technological challenge of bringing Nourah Al Faisal’s poetic designs and inspirations to life. Wearing jewellery designed by Nourah Al Faisal is a statement of everlasting elegance and artistry, a celebration of artistic sensitivity and craftsmanship.

Our values

Nuun Jewels has partnered with Art of Heritage, a Riyadh-based heritage centre with one of the largest textile collections in the Gulf region, to design and produce a series of hand-embroidered pouches for our Banajir collection. 

Art of Heritage aims to preserve local arts and crafts. The centre keeps regional heritage alive by training women in need in various traditional crafts to create beautiful handmade pieces based on its collection of textile and artefacts.  In doing so, the women are empowered to earn a living.

Nuun is also very keen to support creativity in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. In September 2016, the boutique started to exhibit art works by local and regional artists giving them a unique opportunity to show their talent. 

Nuun relies on ethically sourced gemstones. With our suppliers and partners, we share the same vision of durability and respect for both nature and local communities.